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XuperTIG - Heavy duty industrial TIG welding equipment

XuperTIG - Heavy duty industrial TIG welding equipment

The strongest TIG equipment
The new XuperTIG machines complete perfectly our TIG range. They are especially developed for heavy industrial use for the repairing area and the joining technology. Those very robust inverter power sources allow welding currents up to 550 A at high duty cycles, therefore the XuperTIG machines are suited for manual as well as for automated welding applications.

Typical applications
Cavity welding on aluminium cast parts, build-up welding and reparation in the big toolmaking, huge boiler or vessel constructions of aluminium.

New touch Screen control technology!
Thanks to a great collaboration between our R&D department and expert welders we have developed a new touch-screen control device. Far to be just an esthetical and modern tool this touch screen control will make welders daily jobs easier but will also guarantee you a perfect adjustment of the parameters on your equipment. All welding parameters are set and displayed in simple menus on the colour screen making our XuperTIG range the simplest TIG welding equipment. From the operating mode, through the current, the arc ignition, the gas pre flow, the hot start or the cooling control, all parameters of XuperTIG will be set easily.

Technical features

XuperTIG technical features

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XuperTIG - Heavy duty industrial TIG welding equipment

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