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Dyno Testing

Car & General has invested in a dyno testing facility, with a P2400 Piper Dyno

The P2400 is a double, bidirectional dual range dynamometer suitable for diesel engines up to 520BHP and 900Bhp (2150lb/ft) respectively. The stators, shaft and rotors are supported by two roller bearings mounted turnnions with double mechanical seals which are circulated with water all the time. This allows for “no load” testing to be undertaken without damage to the seals.

The cooling system design is for up to 2000HP testing capacity which means an additional 2000HP dyno can be installed without changing the cooling system..

Car & General will be focusing on zero hour rebuilds that involve the use of all new spare parts except for the block, crank, camshafts and conrods if found reusable. The quality of the parts used will have already been certified at factory level and after the rebuild we will be checking for any abnormal temperatures and leaks after application of some load. It is also worth noting that a certified zero hour rebuild attracts the same warranty as a newly purchased engine.

Car & General is able to offer functionality test that involve application of load up to 700HP, we will also offer Warranty equivalent to new engine warranty for all certified Zero hour rebuilds. New parts warranty in case of early hour failure on fitted parts, is also covered.

In order to ensure that customer gets quality of service from their rebuilt engines, the testing of the engines ensure that every engine that leaves the workshop is ready for good reliable service to the customer.

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