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Garmin Products Portable echo Kit

This portable solution is perfect for anglers who go from boat to boat, or those who fish from small vessels like kayaks, canoes or docks.

The versatile kit is designed to support any model of Garmin echo™ fishfinder. The kit is designed with portability and protection in mind as it includes a soft-sided carrying case with rigid base and support arm to protect the fishfinder inside. It is supplied with a sealed rechargeable AGM battery and smart charger to deliver up to 7 hours of battery life pending the model of echo™ fishfinder fitted.

Included in package is a transducer suction cup mount that provides firm and secure mounting option for the transducer against the hull of most types of suitable surfaces. It is also packed with a float that anglers fishing from a float tube can use to position the transducer in the water. 


*The echo shown in the picture is an example only and is not included in the portable echo kit. echo™ sold separately.

There are D-rings secured into the base of the kit that facilitate as tie down points for the kit to secure it to vessel that is being fished from.

The portable echo™ kit offers existing echo users an exciting portable solution – just add the echo fishfinder, charge the portable battery and go fish.

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Portable echo Kit

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