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TeroMatec is a self shielded arc welding process (Open Arc/FCAW) using specially formulated flux cored wire electrodes. The self shielded peripheric arc conception includes a wide range of custom made alloys optimised for industrial wearfacing, rebuilding and repair solutions with many advantages : No shielding gas requirements Fastest weld deposition rates Higher welding duty cycles Efficient weld metal recovery Stock reduction opportunities Ease of use by semi skilled operators Maximum savings & productivity

Technical Specifications TeroMatec Wire Feeder 600
Input voltage range 21-110 V DC
Input current for control circuits and motor 10A max ( input fused at 10A )
Welding current range 50-600A (depending upon power source)
Welding wire diameters 1.2mm to 2.8mm
Duty cycle  
. 60% 400A contactor - non live torch
. 60% 600A live torch

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