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Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG)

Toyota - the global leader in counterbalanced forklifts, and BT / Raymond - the world's top names in warehouse trucks, form Toyota Material Handling Group. In its operation, TMHG intends to maintain Toyota, BT and Raymond brands while solidifying optimum brand and sales structures in each region to ensure that the power of each brand is fully utilized. TMHG attains the No.1 global market share, and we are striving to continue as the best solution provider to customers with the global operations.

As a result, Toyota Production System delivers the following key benefits:

  • Quality inherent in Toyota’s products
  • Costs are kept to a minimum thanks to a good return on investment
  • Delivery is on time, and to the expected standard, allowing Toyota’s customers to plan and maintain their operations successfully
  • Environmental concerns are shared by Toyota and its customers, from manufacturing through to recycling at end-of-life
  • Safety is Toyota’s constant concern – both for its employees and for those of its customers.


Toyota is committed to delivering the highest levels of performance and productivity, while at the same time ensuring reliability. High quality products are the result of advanced technology and excellence in product development and manufacturing.

A wide product range to meet your needs

The comprehensive range of material handling equipment, enhanced by offering various options and attachments, gives you both productivity and operator-friendliness in all the material handling work situations.

Engine-powered Toyota forklifts: diesel, LPG and gasoline.

The full range from 1.0 t to 8.0t load capacity, with all kinds of the innovative functions accommodated, give agile and powerful performance for demanding jobs.


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