At Car & General (C&G), we believe in working to improve communities in which we operate. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy promotes employee engagement by ensuring that every C&G employee has an opportunity to serve and improve his or her community as per our priority areas.

Top management endorses this policy and ensures it is compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization. Top management will also ensure that the policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within Car & General.

Our Corporate Responsibility priority areas are Education, Health, Environment and Road Safety.

Our efforts to pursue positive relationships in our communities with partner organizations aligned with our priority areas and has a presence where C&G does business.

Cargen in Society Programs:


Collaboration with Technical Education Institutions – We have signed several MOUs with universities and technical training institutions to offer training sessions to students and lecturers at our facility.

School Adoption – As we strive to improve communities we live in, Cummins C&G has have adopted the Treeside School for the Deaf, giving them a chance to nurture their talents and get a fair chance of life, by donating necessities to the pupils.


Eye Care Programs – Car & General runs an eye care programme with Lions Club International. This is intended to reach needy people with eyesight problems. We recognize that eyesight is the biggest gift to humanity and thus we intervene by offering free eye diagnosis, and treatment for those affected by offering medicines, glasses and corrective surgeries.

Blood Donation – In partnership with the Kenya Blood Transfusion Services, our members of staff donate blood to help boost the country’s blood bank which in turn will help reduce loss of lives due to lack of blood during emergencies.

Staff Fitness – We recognize that healthy employees are good for business, C&G is continuously investing in staff wellness programmes geared towards cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Together with internal medical camps, we have opened a gym within the premises that is supervised by a qualified trainer.


Water Pans – C&G, Cummins Inc (through the Cummins Foundation) and the Lions Club of Mombasa constructed two dams at over Kshs 3m to aid residents to harvest rain water for farming in order to reduce the perennial problem of starvation. The dams have a capacity of holding 5m liters of water each.

Tree Planting – To help rehabilitate degraded forest land in Kenya, Cummins C&G has partnered with the East African Wild Life Society, Kijabe Environment Volunteers and Kenya Forest Service to plant trees across the country.

Road Safety:

Training – To help fight against road accidents in Kenya, we have rolled out an extensive road safety campaign program which targets motorcycle and three wheeler drivers, mechanics and users in Kenya.

Mechanics training programmes – We have developed a programme of training juakali mechanics in order to keep them up to speed technically so that they can maintain our products, and earn a living. At C&G, we believe that our business impacts on lives on so many people.

Employee Engagement:

At Car & General our CarGen in Society program encourages every employee to perform at least four hours per calendar year on Company time to serve and improve his or her community in projects that are aligned with our priority areas as articulated above. C&G promotional activities such as exhibitions, recruiting fairs and open days do not count as CarGen in Society activity. Business leaders will work with the Communications team to identify community partners and employee engagement opportunities. The program should be consistent across the Company and not vary per business unit and region and aligned to our vision and mission. Employee employment projects are voluntary, and they serve as a way of strengthening C&G existing or develop new partnerships with not for profit/non-governmental organizations making a positive impact.

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